My first trip during my college days!!!

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During my college days, I was never allowed to go out on any trips or parties with my friends, as I grew up in a strict family, talking to boys was a straight no from the school days, still, I used to talk and make friends as in friends who are boys. LOL 😀

       So one day all my classmates, decide to go on a trip to Wonderla, I was in my third year of engineering and my branch had two sections. A and B, so both the setons together tried to make a trip to wonder, yes wonder, it was huge for us all, I know it sounds lame, but ask any 90’s kids, it was very surprising for them. So they planned a 2-3 days trip, so both sections that are almost the strength of 150 people. Out of which many dropped the plan due to some personal or financial problems. I planned to ask my mom n dad as my whole gan was going and they were insisting me to ask the permission

        So I knew it would be a straight no, as I know how my mom n dad are and the typical Indian parents

, You go to ask permission from your dad and the basic dialogue is ask your mom and when you turn to ask your mom its vice versa and so on the loop continues, I was furious it was a No and the lamest reason any parent could give, my mom said what if someone tries to throw you in water n something happens, I said mom it a waterpark and we are supposed to play in water what do you expect it to be a play-garden. And at last, I didn’t go all my friends went and believe me they enjoyed it a lot then anyone could ever imagine.

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And, months passed and I landed in the last year, where we have fewer classes and more fun, and we don’t know what we r gonna do further. So my gang that is a group of 8-9 people which includes both girls and boys, YES BOYS!!! haha decided to go on a trip, after many failed attempts, failed Goa plans (every engineering student can relate to this ), we finally planned to go on a trip and this time, it was shocking as my mom n dad were the first one’s to approve among all the parents of my friends and let me tell you why, it was because of the all the drama and blaming game by me, which finally worked. We planned to go to Nandi Hills as I wanted to go to Bangalore with my friends at least once, because I studied in a small city and going to Bangalore was a big thing for me those days, only now I can relate to it as in why we should not go to Bangalore(as I work there now) anyways coming back to the trip, and as we all know, some people tell you that they will come until only the last moment only to betray you( I was among them these many years) 😉 

From 8 the count of people dropped to 4, yes I was also shocked. I was too determined that I want to go at any cost, I even made my friends come with me ( poor people haha ). We reacted Bangalore, little students who went out to trip out of the home city to a strange one for the first time. We reached the bus stop, there were many people on the road who were calling us out to stay in their hotels, it was weird, almost one of my friends started following a guy and was calling us also. It was too funny, we pulled him aside and said DUDE, we didn’t even know what kind of place it would be, people were almost following us, feeling terrible we had to stop near an expensive hotel. We went to that hotel where the lobbyist gave a stare at us, as were two boys and two girls( I swear I wanted to punch him in the face). He was like boy’s will not be visiting the girl’s room, I mean it was so awkward for us because we all were just friends and this mentality had to CHANGE.

           As we’re new to all this, we just needed a place to stay, warm up as we were tired and hungry, and we had planned to go to Nandi Hills. Firstly, we did not know any other place as we had googled and secondly, the people whom we had asked for recommendations had this place in their minds, the experience was beautiful, as the timing was perfect for us to see the clouds. The sunrise and the weather on the hills, and just like this day, one had passed. The other day we were almost broke because the taxi to the hills had cost a lot and not knowing where to go we just roamed the streets and ate in a beautiful empire restaurant in Jayanagar, I still remember it because it was a very precious moment for me with my friends. And the second day also passed, the funny thing is we had planned the trip during the 12th and 14th of February, all our parents doubted the so-called valentine’s day fever. But we stayed only for two days and returned because you know we started getting calls from the parents as to when you will be returning, where are you? 

So this was my first trip ever with my friends. Hope you all had fun reading it. Did you all also face difficulties growing up not going on trips?

If you find it boring, but I hope you don’t. Can’t help it because it is a beautiful and blissful memory for me.

All I want to say is, please do enjoy your college days make lots of beautiful memories, go on unplanned, planned trips, but take good care of yourself and stay safe.



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